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1. Age and necessary paperwork
The person who wants to rent and drive a car is required to be at least 21 years old and have a driver’s license for B category for over 1 year. The person who wants to rent, must present his/her ID and driver’s license if he’s/she’s a Romanian citizen and passport and driver’s license if he’s/she’s from abroad. For extending the rent period it is required to contact and communicate this to the owner 72 hours in advance of the date in which the contract expires; the new contract with the price and the rent period will be added to the ongoing contract as an additional act. To extend the rent period, you cannot use the warranty money.

2. Returning the vehicle
Returning the vehicle will be done on the date, hour and location agreed upon in the contract. There will be no other taxes if the vehicle is returned in Iasi and some taxes for returning the vehicle in some remote location. The vehicle will be handed over following a written record for receiving/returning the vehicle, attached to the contract, in the section concerning the condition of the vehicle upon it’s return. When receiving the vehicle, the person that rents the car will receive copies of the legal paperwork concerning the vehicle (RCA, CASCO, rovignieta), the original contract and warranty and a set of keys. The vehicle will be received in a great condition, clean and with full tank. Any complaint concerning the vehicle’s condition must be made immediately after receiving it. Any complaint or other subsequent requests concerning the tenant, followed by the attempt of returning the vehicle before the terms in the contract will result in retaining the whole rent price. The tenant is obligated to return all the documents (except the contract) and the keys in the received condition and the vehicle clean (inside and outside) with the full tank; if these requirements are not met, the tenant will pay a compensation. In case of a delay in returning the vehicle, unannounced and longer than 3 hours from the one stated in the terms, the tenant will face legal issues for car theft addressed by the company. Using the vehicle for a longer period than that stated on the terms without an approved request from the company translates as an illegal way of using the vehicle and will be sanctioned according to the Romanian Penal Code and the company reserves it’s right to act according to law.

3. Conditions concerning vehicle usage
The tenant is obligated to follow all the legal issues concerning the public roads circulation and the border laws; he is also prohibited to use the vehicle in personal commercial or illegal activities (such as illegal racing and other competitions), further renting the vehicle, overloading the vehicle (in weight or number of seats). The tenant must repair the vehicle (in case of damage) only in a service approved by the company; the tenant must not leave the vehicle with the keys in and/or the windows or trunk opened; the tenant must drive the vehicle only on national roads and streets and is prohibited to drive the vehicle on forest roads, mountain expeditions and roads that pose a danger to the vehicle’s condition; the tenant is forbidden to push or pull another vehicle, trailer or any other object; the tenant is forbidden to drive the vehicle under influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other substance that could affect his driving abilities. If the tenant is in the situation in which he notices suspect signs of abnormality in the vehicle’s condition that can pose a threat on the general condition of the vehicle (if left untreated) or the traffic safety, he must immediately stop (in safe conditions) and contact the company.

4. Warranty and responsibility
For the rented vehicle, the tenant will make a bailment, and the cost will vary depending on the vehicle class (200-400 EUR). The bailment will be restored to the tenant on the expiration date of the contract, if the contract is followed through. The bailment will not be restored to the tenant in the following situations: in case of damaged vehicle which is followed by a period of repairs that render the vehicle unusable; in case of damaged vehicle not accompanied by an assessment record from the police; in case of technical malfunction or collision followed by the abandoning of the vehicle by the tenant; the tenant does not contact the company in the case of technical malfunction displayed in the board, that endangers the general condition of the vehicle; the tenant using the vehicle in bad will and results in damaging the vehicle, losing the inventory items, damaging the rims and the tires.